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Infusion Says Client Financial Institutions Have Now Made $1B In Loans

Infusion Says Client Financial Institutions Have Now Made $1B In Loans

Little Rock, Arkansas, December 13, 2016 – Infusion, a provider of data-driven direct marketing campaigns that generate strategic growth for community and regional financial institutions, announces that its data-driven marketing campaigns have generated more than $1 billion in loans for client banks and credit unions since the company was founded in 2007.

The Infusion ProfitGenerator® process projects final results and ROI on targeted campaigns generating new loans by completing a statistical analysis of a bank or credit union’s core data. In addition to loan generation, Infusion uses its statistical analysis to outline strategic campaigns that successfully grow checking and savings accounts, credit cards, the number of home equity lines and transactions at community and regional financial institutions. Infusion reached the $1 billion in loans generated milestone serving over 150 banks and credit unions ranging in size from $1 billion to $20 billion in assets.

Infusion uses relationship-driven communication programs that emphasize engagement between the bank and its customers. This approach boosts customer engagement and responses during Infusion’s cross sell campaigns. Infusion’s services are offered through an innovative pay-for-performance model that supports Infusion’s mission to offer better results and value to financial institutions than traditional marketing services.

“Banks and credit unions that use data and relationship-driven cross-selling campaigns are able to easily generate more loans by using targeted information that achieves better results,” said Tom Cloninger, president and CEO at Infusion. “Infusion’s proprietary targeting methodology and ProfitGenerator process create campaigns that most effectively increase the number of loans and other financial products at banks and credit unions, resulting in greater profits for the financial institution.”

About Infusion
Headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas, Infusion uses data analysis to compare a financial institution’s core data to proprietary data of its peers to set benchmarks. Infusion then creates and executes multichannel marketing campaigns that generate strategic growth. The Infusion ProfitGenerator® process and corresponding campaigns are used to grow deposits, loans and transactional fee income at community and regional financial institutions. For more information, visit