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Infusion Doubles the Volume of Account Balances for Financial Institutions in Q1 of 2017

Infusion Doubles the Volume of Account Balances for Financial Institutions in Q1 of 2017

Little Rock, Arkansas, June 1, 2017 – -Infusion, a provider of data-driven direct marketing campaigns that generate strategic growth for community financial institutions, announces its ProfitGenerator process has generated twice the volume of balances for clients in the first quarter of 2017 compared to Q1 2016.

Infusion generated $46 million in loans and $54 million in deposits for clients in Q1 2017 by using its in-house ProfitGenerator cross-sell process. The ProfitGenerator process enables financial institutions to maximize profits by using proprietary statistical databases of national standards from peer financial institutions, predictive data analytics and targeting methodology. Infusion uses this data to create a comprehensive, multichannel marketing strategy to provide maximum growth opportunities for financial institutions.

One of the key components of Infusion’s success is the Infusion Results Tracking Normative, a database of tracked, captured and standardized results for every marketing campaign executed since Infusion’s inception in 2007. Containing more than 1 million data points, the Results Tracking Normative provides key metrics and allows a near accurate projection of a financial institution’s campaign results. Additionally, Infusion has a Pay-for-Results business model, meaning clients only pay for booked account openings in the promoted product category that fall within a 60-day campaign window.

“Our clients have seen an explosion of growth in account balances since Q1 2016,” said Tom Cloninger, president and CEO at Infusion. “This growth is driven by our clients’ ability to leverage our ProfitGenerator process and data-driven, omni-channel marketing campaigns into a competitive advantage.”

About Infusion
Headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas, Infusion uses data analysis and proprietary industry normative data to create and execute multi-channel marketing campaigns that generate strategic growth for financial institutions. The Infusion ProfitGenerator process and corresponding campaigns are used to grow deposits, loans and transactional fee income at small and medium sized banks and credit unions. For more information, visit

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