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What happens in the days and weeks after a consumer opens their new account or gets a loan can have a massive impact on long term profitability. Banking providers that cross-sell more products and services and grow their bottom line are those that engage with consumers from the start of the relationship. Here’s what the experts say you need to build an effective onboarding strategy.


What are the biggest onboarding challenges facing banks and credit unions?

Tim Keith, Partner and Chief Strategist at Infusion Marketing Group: Consumers don’t have the same financial needs, yet most financial institutions fail to use data to understand the needs of new consumers. This results in one-size-fits-all welcome letters. The communications aren’t relevant to each consumer.

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Tim Keith is a former banker who in 2007 co-founded Infusion, a provider of data-driven direct marketing campaigns that generate strategic growth for community and regional financial institutions. He works directly with financial institutions to implement data analysis services, support marketing efforts, write and present comprehensive customer analysis, evaluate campaign results, and design strategic growth programs.


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