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Insiders Secrets to Onboarding Success in Banking

July 3, 2017  What happens in the days and weeks after a consumer opens their new account or gets a loan can have a massive impact on long term profitability. Banking providers that cross-sell more products and services and grow their bottom line are those that engage with consumers from the start of the relationship. [...]

The Discipline of Relevant Marketing

December 7, 2017 by Tim Keith By understanding the importance of frequency, cadence and targeting, financial institutions can successfully managing both customer relationships and product portfolios at the same time.   Retail banking is inherently relational. Bank customers have a variety of financial needs which change and evolve over time, in terms of both the […]

Digitally Target New Movers

September 1, 2017 by Tim Keith Change the game by going digital with your bank’s new mover marketing strategy.   What is a “new mover” exactly? Simply put, new movers can be defined as someone currently in the moving, home-buying, or selling process. New movers are often divided into subgroups and categorized as one of […]

How credit unions are avoiding data analytics mistakes

August 9, 2017 by W.B. King Aggregating data is one thing, but effectively analyzing it or predicting member behavior is quite another. And, many times well-intended executives make mistakes in this all-important pursuit. So what are the biggest mistakes CUs make when it comes to data analytics? Credit Union Journal queried a panel of experts to […]

3 Bank Marketing Myths Debunked

New article by Tim Keith, strategy leader at Infusion: Over the past two and a half decades, bank marketers have fallen victim to the same myths over and over again. It is obvious when tracking and reporting campaign results that these beliefs cause more harm than good in making smart marketing decisions. Before working on […]

Use Data Analysis to Boost Growth

New article by Tim Keith, strategy leader at Infusion: Core data analysis isn’t just for the banking giants. Community and regional banks have more to gain from data driven marketing. Community and regional bank marketing teams often miss out when it comes to utilizing core data—and it could be costing them big money. Many banks […]

Using Data to Effectively Measure Marketing Results

Article by Tim Keith, strategy leader at Infusion: Tim discusses how financial institutions not using data-driven marketing campaigns are not efficiently spending their marketing budget and explains what type of data they should look at for the best results. Read the full article: “Using Data to Effectively Measure Marketing Results” The Financial Brand. October 26, […]