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How Culture and Personal Brand Drive Higher Performance w/ Natalie Bartholomew

CAO/CMO at Grand Savings Bank, Natalie Bartholomew, AKA The Girl Banker, talks with host Dan Marks about her role in driving growth by creating a better place to work for everyone, including:

  • Growth at Grand Savings Bank
  • Natalie’s unique role at Grand Savings – Head of Marketing and Human Resources
  • How branding and culture are two sides of the same coin
  • The dangers of devaluing any roles in the bank
  • Natalie’s philosophy around developing people
  • The origin story of The Girl Banker brand and why it was important to develop her personal brand
  • A take on the white-collar moms coming back to work after the pandemic and workplaces recognizing the value of being flexible
  • Natalie’s advice to young women in banking

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