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How to build Unbeatable B2B Brands Based on Hundreds of Interviews w/Drew Neisser 

B2B Marketing maven, author, and podcaster Drew Neisser sits with host Dan Marks to discuss some of the marketing guidelines outlined in his new book Renegade Marketing: 12 Steps to Building Unbeatable B2B Brands, including: 

  • Drew’s role at Renegade and what led him to write his new book 
  • Drew’s fascination with Ben Franklin 
  • Why Drew has a passion for B2B Marketing specifically 
  • The CATS methodology 
  • How to be a Courageous marketer 
  • How to be an Artful marketer  
  • How to be a Thoughtful marketer – and why purpose matters 
  • How to be a Scientific marketer – and how to focus on metrics that matter 
  • Drew’s advice to aspiring authors (ie his younger pre-author self)  

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