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Leveraging FinTech and Crypto Partnerships for Banking Growth w/ Scot Lenoir

Scot Lenoir, Chairman at Evolve Bank and Trust, talks with host Dan Marks about their partnerships in the FinTech and Crypto space and how it drives growth! The conversation includes: 

  • How Scot started Evolve 
  • Scot’s love for sports and music 
  • Evolve’s role in in FinTech and Crypto 
  • How Scot thinks about the current banking and financial services space 
  • How Evolve embraces innovation and regulation at the same time 
  • How FinTech partnerships benefit end consumers 
  • How Evolve leverages data and analytics to serve clients 
  • Scot’s key takeaways around serving the FinTech and Crypto space 
  • Scot’s advice to his younger self and what he would have done differently if he were to start a bank today.

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