Unique data insights, proven marketing strategies, and carefully targeted multi-channel cross-sell programs mean deeper relationships and higher profits for your bank or credit union

Identify Opportunities

We develop an Opportunity Assessment Analysis report, including a complete financial proforma and marketing calendar, based on your customer or member data.

Execute Campaigns

Proven strategies support carefully crafted multi-channel marketing campaigns, utilizing your branding coupled with our time-tested creative and copy.

Evaluate Results

As we receive the monthly updates of your customer files, we track the results of each mail campaign and provide you a detailed Results Analysis Report.
You operate in a relational sales and marketing environment. Your retail households have multiple financial needs, which naturally change over time. Understanding and meeting a greater share of those needs with appropriate and timely product offers increases product sales and dramatically improves long-term retention. Building broader, deeper, longer-lasting household relationships — by meeting evolving financial needs — maximizes your profits.

Infusion helps banks and credit unions identify household financial needs and grow profits by methodically analyzing data in a unique way to reveal hidden insights, identify product sales opportunities, recommend proven product cross-sell strategies that emphasize both digital and in-branch engagement, and implement and meticulously track multi-channel marketing campaigns that consistently deliver superior financial results.

Infusion’s data analytics and strategic approach transcend traditional direct marketing by utilizing proprietary bank and credit union Peer to Peer Statistical Normative databases that reveal product gaps, attrition risk, and sales opportunities. This unique comparison of your data to your peers enables the development of a comprehensive strategic and tactical marketing plan, tailored to your specific business objectives, that consistently grows account relationships with highly predictable and measurable results.

In fact, Infusion’s strategies and multi-channel marketing programs perform so consistently you get a 100% pay-for-performance guarantee: Infusion pays for the marketing programs and you pay only for booked accounts. No gimmicks, just clear and transparent agreements and tracking.

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