Disciplined Data-Driven Marketing
That Works

Starting with an Assessment of your Opportunities, Infusion’s unique data-driven marketing is laser focused on helping you meet your growth goals. Our disciplined process is proven to yield the results you need and in fact is so successful that we put our money where our mouth is in our unique Pay for Results billing structure. With our normative history from working with hundreds of your peers. across thousands of campaigns, we use predictable targeting and high-impact creative to yield real, tangible results for your marketing at every phase of the customer or member lifecycle:


  • New Relationship Acquisition
  • Onboarding
  • Relationship Expansion

Our addressable omni-channel approach allows you to reach a very specific audience using multiple digital and precision channels including:

  • Email
  • Paid Social
  • Specific IP targeted display (CRM retargeting)
  • Personalized Video
  • Even Postal Mail in some cases

Through collaboration with your team and disciplined project management, we create high impact campaign assets aligned to your
brand standards that also employ best practices to drive response.

Our marketing solutions are grounded in results – so much so that you only pay for profits. You can pay only for the accounts that are
generated within the defined tracking window tied to the specific audience that was exposed to the campaign, so you have peace of
mind that your marketing dollars are not wasted. In short, we only get paid when we deliver real financial benefit to you!

Included in our systematic process of delivering results is granular tracking that includes a presentation by one of our industry experts to walk you through the numbers and gain the maximum insight into how it compares to your peers and actions you can take
based on the learnings.

New Relationship Acquisition

Growing your customer or member base is a constant challenge for community banks and credit unions. We understand the pain points associated with market saturation, forming effective communication strategies, and attracting your ideal customer.

We employ predictive data analytics and a unique targeting methodology to execute data-driven, multi-channel marketing campaigns targeted to the most qualified audience in your markets, resulting in above industry-standard conversion rates.

Our disciplined process is tailored to your goals for accounts, balances, payments activity, etc. And then we apply our normative data to jump start your results. Some new clients have seen improvements in cost per acquisition (CPA) of over 23% on the first campaign. After the jump start, we apply our disciplined test and learn process to continually improve results over time.

Very often we are able to recommend improvements during the
presentation of the first tracking report that further improve your
CPA by an additional 20-40%. Or we can work on a completely Pay
for Performance basis where we agree on a fixed CPA up front and
then deliver that you over the course of the program using our
proven methodology and disciplined processes.


    When a customer or member opens their first account, you are presented with a unique, time-sensitive household growth opportunity. Direct, addressable outreach using a combination of email, mail, and even personalized video is unique suited for this challenge by using continually updated data to make communications personal, timely and relevant. With a new customer or member onboarding campaign, your bank or credit union will:

    • Improve retention rates of households – some clients have seen lifts in retention of more than 10 percentage points compared to a control group that did not go through the program
    • Optimize and accelerate profit impact through wallet share consolidation

    Your PROFITGENERATOR® onboarding program begins with a series of monthly targeted, multi-channel cross-sell communications designed to optimize both profit and retention within the first 120 days. After four months, households should become part of ongoing cross-sell programs as part of a long-term strategy to continue growth.

    Based on our Opportunity Assessment and discussion of priorities, we will craft a program aligned to your goals and leveraging our experience across hundreds of other financial services clients including our normative intelligence about what works better in onboarding programs.

    We employ an intentional sequence of personalized communications over multiple months in order to generate tangible results – not just impressions and clicks. The treatments are updated based on individual household product purchase and engagement behavior.

    Speaking of results, you receive a detailed tracking review on a regular basis that helps you understand what is working and not working in the program to drive transactional (ie debit, digital, etc. Activity), purchase, and retention. We also analyze how balances change in households that are part of the program vs a randomized hold out group. 

    Hear from one client all about her onboarding program on the Top Quartile podcast. 

    Relationship Expansion

    Your customer or members’ financial needs evolve over time which means that putting in place a systematic and disciplined program is critical to unlock the opportunity.

    After your Opportunity Assessment, we collaborate to create a program that meets your business needs and built on the foundation of our
    normative intelligence built over decades of working hundreds of your peers to know what works and doesn’t work for particular segments
    and particular needs.

    We use a digital-first approach to implementing an omni channel program that ensures that you are communicating regularly with relevant messages to each prioritized segment so that you maximize the chances of generating a profitable response.

      Key business goals that we have accomplished for clients include generating loan volume, checking accounts, interest bearing (savings, MM, CD) accounts, credit cards, mortgages, wealth management, and even driving higher activation and usage of key revenue and retention drivers such as debit cards, mobile/online banking, eStatements, Zelle/contactless. Campaigns can drive both consumer and business purpose accounts depending on your business model and goals.

      As part of our pay-for-results model, Infusion covers all campaign production and costs. We provide full-service project management from start to finish, including developing high-impact creative that includes proven conversion copy and detailed campaign tracking reports provided to you every step of the way.

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