Targeted Analysis that Fuels a
Data-Driven Approach

You operate in a relational sales and marketing environment. Your customers or members have multiple financial needs that naturally change over time. The Infusion Norm data provides unique insight to understand those needs in order to create effective strategies to:

  • Increases product sales
  • Dramatically improves long-term retention
  • Builds broader, deeper, longer-lasting household
  • Maximizes your profits

We make it possible for banks and credit unions to identify relationship-based financial needs and grow profits by methodically analyzing data in a proven process to:


  • Reveal unknown insights
  • Identify unique product sales opportunities
  • Understand analytics at every phase of your customer or member journey
  • Meticulously track all types of addressable marketing campaigns for tangible financial results and compare to
    your peers

Relationship Opportunity Assessment

“Where are the opportunities to grow within my existing customer
or member base?”

As a community bank or credit union, knowing where your best opportunities are for growth – and identifying the weaknesses that need addressing – are imperative to strengthening your customer and member relationships. It’s your best tool for maximizing your profits.

In a Relationship Opportunity Assessment with Infusion, we develop a comprehensive Opportunity Assessment designed to:


  • Showcase your individual strengths vs your peers
  • Reveal your risks and pain-points
  • Provide recommendations to boost growth of key products and services
  • Develop best practices for how to communicate with your customer or member base

The Opportunity Assessment addresses key strategic issues of your community bank or credit union. Questions like:

  • How is my product penetration and average balance by each product category compared to peers?
  • How are my payments and digital channels performing, and how does that compare to my peers?
  • How concentrated are my consumer deposits and who has them?
  • What are my best opportunities for loan growth?
  • Is my overlap between deposit and credit usage normal?

And – most importantly – what do I do about the answers to the questions above? The Infusion Opportunity Assessment gives you a snapshot of your bank or credit union – what your accounts look like, how they stack up, where there’s room for improvement – and provides proven, data-driven insight to lay the roadmap for targeted growth. We include our practical recommendations for taking action in every assessment informed both by the data as well as our decades of experience as leaders in banks and credit unions, as well as interactions with your peers every week. 


Target Market Assessment

What are the opportunities for growth in my unique market(s)?

As a community bank or credit union, knowing how your current customer base compares in your individual trade area is imperative to uncovering your best opportunities for growth – and identifying your weaknesses and risks that need addressing.

If you’re thinking about boosting prospect acquisition, expanding into new markets, opening new branches, or launching a new product or service, the analytics surrounding that offering in your trade area is the foundational basis of your go-to-market strategy.

    With a Target Market Assessment, we append information about your customer or member database – demographic information, persona information – and create a profile comparing it to peer institutions in your direct trade area. We utilize our normative database to compare your data points against:

    • Data on hundreds of peer institutions
    • Over 8 billion benchmark data points
    • Data pulled directly from institutions in your specific trade area

    The Target Market Assessment is aptly named – it’s centered around being personalized to your trade area – showing a profile of your current customers and how that compares to your unique trade area.


    Merger Opportunity Assessment

    How does my institution compare?

    If your bank or credit union is planning to acquire another institution, you need to know how to develop communication and marketing strategies that will be most effective to an entirely new set of customers or members. The strategies you use for your own institution may be completely different, and may not be the best strategies for speaking to a new audience. That creates the potential for gaps in your marketing plans, and for not being able to maximize your new customer relationships.

    A Merger Opportunity Assessment is a Customer Opportunity Assessment done for the institution you are looking to acquire. The
    information acquired during the assessment is used to:

    • Highlight the specific strengths and opportunities for growth in the institution
    • Uncover any pain points or weaknesses
    • Use the data discovered to influence your marketing and communication strategies with the customer or member database of the institution

    By taking a deep dive into the analytics of your new audience, you can position your strategy to improve communication, boost retention rates, and maximize your chances of having the deal meet its pro-forma expectations.

    Independent Campaign Tracking

    How are my marketing campaigns really performing?

    With Independent Campaign Tracking, we can analyze your existing addressable campaigns to give you key insight about how its performing by offer/creative package, channel mix, and segments.

    You will get tangible insight about how it performs on key financial measures as well as a comparison to how well the campaign is performing compared to relevant peers to help you answer questions you may be getting from your stakeholders or simply as a set of “outside eyes” to help identify ongoing improvement opportunities.

      Marketing Benchmarking

      A simple benchmark designed by a bank CMO for heads of marketing at banks and credit unions. Quickly and easily see how your budget and team structure stacks up to peer banks on relevant metrics such as:

      • Spend as % of assets
      • Assets per Marketing FTE
      • Spend by category (tech, advertising, sponsorships,
        customer incentives, etc.)
      • Spend by Segment
      • Spend by Channel
      • Team composition with counts by job category – even
        for functions that are not always in marketing

      Here is what one of the participants said about the benchmark:
      “I like the format. Very easy to understand and at a glance see where we fit in the mix.”

      The best part about this benchmark is that the only cost to receive the results is contributing your own anonymous information in a simple spreadsheet template.

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