Marketing Programs

Multi-Channel Marketing of Financial Products and Services

Infusion enables banks and credit unions to achieve higher growth by analyzing customer data, revealing hidden insights and creating strategic, metric-driven, and carefully targeted multi-channel marketing campaigns. Infusion maximizes your revenues, deposits, loans and earnings by helping identify and execute the most appropriate and impactful product marketing campaigns based upon your institution’s unique customer and member characteristics:
  • How your accounts per household compare to the “average bank or credit union”
  • Strengths or gaps driven by your product mix, sales or delivery
  • Percentage of total households new to your institution in the last 12 months and how this compares to peer institutions
  • Your effectiveness of onboarding and cross-selling new households in the first 12 months
  • Your best opportunities to convert single-service to multi-service accounts
  • Household concentration of your consumer deposits
  • Opportunity to sell more loans to your depositors and vice versa
Infusion facilitates greater customer and member engagement through relationship-driven communication programs that emphasize digital and in-branch interactions. Multi-channel marketing campaigns deliver household growth and profitability for banks and credit unions with highly measurable results. To date, Infusion programs have produced 76,553 accounts and $1.6 billion in balances.
Business document and pen on desk with two employees handshaking on background

Infusion enables banks and credit unions to achieve higher growth.

The Infusion PROFITGENERATOR® process generates multi-channel cross-sell growth in the following product categories:
  • Checking
  • Money Market and Time Deposits
  • Credit cards
  • Home equity lines and loans
  • Installment loans
  • Transactional services (Debit Card, Online Banking, Mobile Banking, eStatements)
Examples of multi-channel marketing programs Infusion provides banks and credit unions include:
  • Carefully Targeted Cross-sell Campaigns
  • New Customer/Member Onboarding Campaigns
  • New Customer Deposit/Acquisition Campaigns (typically pay-per-piece)
  • Email trigger program to grow Transactional Services with legacy checking households