Pay for Results

No-Risk, Pay-For-Results Business Model

The marketing of financial products and services should be just as accountable to your overall budget as other investments you make in growing your bottom line.
Infusion offers strategic growth services and programs through an innovative pay-for-results model, only being paid for the actual results (booked accounts) generated by the PROFITGENERATOR® process — guaranteeing a return on your marketing investment. Metric-driven, multi-channel marketing campaigns are customized to your bank or credit union, with predictable, measurable results far more effective and profitable than typical marketing strategies and programs.
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Overall, historical campaign results are remarkably accurate, averaging 103% actual vs. projected.

Infusion’s multi-channel marketing campaigns are no-risk because Infusion pays all campaign costs, including postage for direct mail. You pay a flat, one-time fee only for tracked, booked accounts from targeted households during a specific campaign period. No gimmicks, hidden fees, special rates, sliding scale, or minimum budget requirements.
For each campaign executed through PROFITGENERATOR® you receive comprehensive tracking reports in 3 categories: Results Summary, Total Activity and Net Balance Change. This depth of reporting, combined with the pay-for-results model, makes PROFITGENERATOR® 100% financially accountable to you.
Infusion’s unique, pay-for-results PROFITGENERATOR® program has produced 176,000 accounts and generated $3.6 billion in new account balances to date.
Infusion succeeds only as its clients succeed.