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Building a brand based on mission and rooted in the community with Stephanie Dennehy

Stephanie Dennehy, Chief Marketing Officer at Cape Cod Five, joins Dan Marks on this episode to talk about some of the best practices for community banking. Stephanie has been in banking and financial services for 11 years and talks about the growth she has seen in her time in the banking industry. Some of the points we highlight in this episode are: 

  • Stephanie’s background and experience as a digital leader 
  • How Cape Cod Five expanded its leadership in business lending 
  • How culture and brand mutually reinforce each other 
  • How Stephanie’s marketing leadership has supported growth at Cape Cod Five 
  • How the mission of expanding financial wellness informs the go to market approach 
  • How the bank’s mission and values informed the key strategic decision to completely eliminate Overdraft fees 
  • How Cape Cod Five is implementing P2P payment systems to better serve their customers 
  • Stephanie’s advice to her younger self