D.G. Markwell
Top Quartile
Building essential leadership muscles for strong growth

D.G. Markwell with Credit Union Leaders joins Dan Marks to discuss leadership skills, best practices, and habits that will be essential to maintain strong growth into the future. Key points covered include:

  • How D.G.’s background growing a credit union from $100M to over $2B in assets set the stage for Credit Union Leaders 
  • How the mission of Credit Union Leaders helps the industry grow
  • Competing with the big banks and supporting communities 
  • How leadership looks in the digital age 
  • Best practices in data-driven digital growth and keeping a heart and passion for the community
  • How credit unions under $5B can tap into essential data-driven expertise without having to hire full time
  • Leadership essentials looking out 36 months, including: Empathy, mental health, digital transformation, the culture of data-driven decisions, financial education, marketing, and product development 
  • How to build teams effectively by relaxing and embracing the process – not to worry, but also recognize different talents and skills on the team 

 Forbes article that DG mentioned.