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Top Quartile
Current state of the Martech ecosystem and where the puck is going

Scott Brinker, Editor at and VP of Platform Ecosystem at HubSpot, joins Dan Marks to discuss what the current state of the art looks like in the world of Marketing Data, Marketing Automation, AI, and the interaction of the different market participants.   

Key points covered include:  

  1. Scott’s background and experience in the space both as a founder of and in his
    current role.
  2. Key trends related to marketing data, AI, and no code/low code capabilities.
  3. How the landscape has changed since first-generation platforms such as Unica, Eloqua, and Marketo.
  4. The key benefit of a platform-based approach and how it is particularly relevant in periods of
    rapid innovation.
  5. Key considerations in highly regulated industries like financial services.
  6. Does Scott have a crystal ball that reveals the key trends to watch over the next 3-5 years? Tune in to
    find out.