Steve Mertz
Top Quartile
Driving revenue growth through data-driven marketing and sales 

Steve Mertz, EVP of Growth & Strategy with People First Federal Credit Union, joins Dan Marks to discuss how their team is leveraging data to boost member and revenue growth. Key points covered include:

  • Steve’s broad background with banking and credit unions and how that has prepared him to drive the overall growth agenda at People First
  • Steve’s passion for family and baseball 
  • The new executive team at People First being in place to accelerate growth after a period low to no growth
  • The challenge in brand perception and delivery that had to be addressed as a foundation
  • How to use data-driven insights to effectively coordinate marketing and sales activities 
  • Where Steve sees the puck going in applying data to generate tangible revenue outcomes 
  • Setting an array of proactive touchpoints to communicate to members in the way that they have signaled they prefer – including emerging channels like text and OTT video
  • Proactively generating sustainable low-cost funding to continue driving top quartile loan growth 
  • Steve’s mix of experience including brokerage licensure, branch service, and sales management