Ashish Agarwal
Top Quartile
Insights from Banking and Fintech with Ashish Agarwal

Ashish Agarwal, CMO at Kin Insurance (previously with Prosper), joins Dan Marks to discuss leaning in with strong analytics, customer, and commercial orientation and building a talented team to drive results. Some of the points we highlight in this episode are: 

  • Ashish’s background and progression through roles at Capital One, Remitly, Prosper, and now, Kin 
  • Observations on growth drivers and current consumer behavior from the FinTech perspective 
  • How the interest rate environment affects the marketplace 
  • How to use data and insights to inform marketing strategy 
  • Lessons learned from recent changes in consumer behavior and preferences 
  • How Brand and Performance disciplines in marketing work together to drive results 
  • Advice Ashish would give his younger self