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Key Deposit Management and Pricing Best Practices with Neil Stanley

Neil Stanley, the CEO of CorePoint and a former Bank CEO joins host Dan Marks to talk trends and best practices on liquidity management.  Neil has an extensive experience from his time working for a bank and running a bank as CEO as well as his current role at Corepoint.  Neil has a passion for diving deep in understanding all of the levers that influence deposit growth at a bank and an interesting perspective that may be a source of new ideas and inspiration for enhancing your strategy.  


  • Trends across the industry related to liquidity management 
  • The catalyst for shifts in balance sheet priorities and how to get prepared for what is coming 
  • The balance sheet view compared to the customer view 
  • The value of personalization in setting deposit pricing and processes 
  • Updating processes and approaches for the mix of digital and personal channels 
  • Key take-aways and best practices 
  • Neils’ reflections on lessons learned from being a young bank CEO