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Top Quartile
Strategies for smart growth going into 2024

Description: Chris Nichols, Director of Capital Markets at SouthState Bank discusses key strategies for growth in the current environment with Dan Marks. 

 Key points covered include:  

  • Chris’ background and role 
  • The interplay of balance sheet, income statement, and hedging strategies in the current environment 
  • How Chris’ team enables banks to implement the right balance sheet and customer tactics  
  • The importance of prioritizing customer relationship growth and picking the right areas to focus on in order to earn above the banks’ cost of capital
  • Best practices in driving relationship deposit growth 
  • How data, machine learning, and practical analytics can and should inform prioritized focus 
  • Chris’ perspective on what we will all wish we knew about 2024 ahead of time by the time we get to 2025 and look back on the year