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Top Quartile
The Art and Science of Purposeful Brand Building

Georgia United Credit Union’s Chief Marketing Officer, Aaron Chestnut, joins host Dan Marks to talk branding, mission, the heart of marketing, and how to build an analytic-driven marketing culture! Highlights include: 

  • Aarons role at Georgia United (plus his company band!) 
  • Recent growth at Georgia United 
  • GUs mission to serve, and why a company should walk the walk 
  • Aaron’s unique history building brands and how it helps Georgia United grow 
  • How Freedom to Fail leads to more winning 
  • Balancing the art and science of marketing 
  • The Jurassic Park Principle 
  • Aarons take on working for a company with a powerful culture and brand 
  • Aarons advice to his younger self as he moved from consumer products to financial services 

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