Top Quartile
Using behavioral data to drive member experience improvements 

David Eldred, Chief Experience Officer of Solarity Credit Union, joins Dan Marks to discuss how he has used practical behavior-driven data to be a foundation for driving growth and improvement of the overall member experience. 

Key points covered include:  

  1. David’s career progression and current role 
  2. The growth trends that lead to a strategic imperative to put the member at the “center of the universe” 
  3. Tools and techniques to discover member preferences and differences by persona 
  4. How data drove the process and was used to tailor member communication 
  5. Best practices for change management both inside of the credit union and with the members 
  6. Key trends and emerging opportunities 
  7. David’s hobby as a board game publisher. See this link to discover his game: RPG Battles Home – RPG Battles