Top Quartile
Top Quartile
Using data to increase relevance and build better relationships

David Hall, SVP, DX Director with Bank of Hawaii, joins Dan Marks to discuss key lessons learned during his history working across the front lines and back office at Zions, MX, and now at BOH, using data and personalization to make a difference in areas that really matter to customers. 

Key points covered include: 

  • David’s background and current role at Bank of Hawaii. 
  • What David learned mixing tunes in the 90s. 
  • What growth has been like at Bank of Hawaii recently. 
  • How David’s experience as both a banker and FinTech executive uniquely informs his perspective. 
  • How David sees consumer behavior changing fundamentally versus more cyclical changes driven by the economic/rate environment. 
  • What David thinks about the intersection of media channels and sales/service channels. 
  • How data informs the strategy being put in place at Bank of Hawaii. 
  • Overall observations and lessons learned that David believes would be helpful to other bankers. 
  • David’s advice to his younger self based on what he knows now, having served at multiple banks and in Fintech.