ProfitGenerator Cross-Sell Case Study

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A community bank with 24 branches hired Infusion to build a comprehensive, multi-channel Pay-for-Results Customer Cross-sell program in spring 2015. The program was designed to promote banking products such as CDs, home equity lines of credit, checking and savings accounts, debit cards and eServices.

The first year of the program produced 1,520 responses and new account balances of $20.2 million. A three percent Net Interest Margin (NIM) on response balances plus $100 per year in fees on debit responders produces a first year ROI of 321 percent.

In addition, responders also opened 202 other deposit and loan products during the campaigns they responded to. Responders increased deposits with the bank by a net of $13 million during campaigns with responses. More than 90% of responders had been with the bank for multiple years and more than 1,000 were Single Service Households before responding. The program included an annual expense cap resulted in 132 “free” accounts.

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October 27, 2016